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How do you know if a candle is good quality?

The market is flooded with pretty looking candles, however, it is hard to distinguish good quality ones just by looking at them. Aside from the scent and the labels, there are many different ways to know whether a candle is worth it or not, here's an overview of what you should be careful about:

Paraffin is a no:

Yes, paraffin-based candles are all the rage on the market but did you know how harmful paraffin really is? When a candle with paraffin wax burns it creates highly toxic benzene and toluene (both are known carcinogens).

Ou recommendation? Pick candles with natural wax (bee wax, rapeseed, etc.)

Scent and perfume:

Scent preferences are up to each person's personal tastes, however, if a candle has a faint smell, it means that the percentage of perfume in its blend is low or that poor quality ingredients are mixed. Whether the candle is fragrant enough is a good indicator of its quality.

Essential Oils:

Aromatherapy based candles are more and more trendy and it's all for the good reasons. 

It is well known that essential oils have powerful natural properties, so instead of choosing a candle with harmful chemicals, opt for an aromatherapy scented candle. EWG's statistics showcased that three out of four products that list fragrance hormone disrupting chemicals so the fragrant scent of essential oils is an excellent alternative.

Glass Jars:

High quality candles come in beautiful glass jar contenants, they are pieces of art that can be displayed as home decor even if they are empty. Serenity and Breathe embed this elegance with their luxurious design and gold detailing, a sight to behold.


The packaging of the candle must indicate important information like the list of ingredients, the weight and the burn time but also icons for certifications and warnings. A poor quality packaging or missing information are excellent indicators of the quality of a candle since it indicates whether or not it was produced by respecting strict regulations.

Hope these indications help you better chose your candles, they are easy to follow and you can verify the quality of the candle before buying it.




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