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The key for a home-free flu virus

The key for a home-free flu virus

It’s that time of the year: the freezing temperatures provoke a rise of the cold and flu symptoms. The common flu, called technically “influenza” virus (no, it is not as glamorous as it sounds) is the one that spreads the most during winter season.

This is why now is the right moment to consider cleaning the house properly and eliminating the virus that comes from the outside to prevent further flu viruses from entering our homes and our families’ health. But which are the key rules to keep the virus away?

The basic easy prevention steps

Maybe no one at home has symptoms of any cold or flu. But considering all the germs that are out there, let’s say that there is always something “going around”. But that doesn’t mean you need to panic and start rubbing all the surfaces with a cleaning product. 

Because to start, some of the viruses are beneficial for our system to protect ourselves from dangerous bacterias. Anyway, even if it’s allergy season or minus 0 temperatures time, here are the main steps to follow:

1. Wash your hands often

You probably know about this tip and do it usually but, are you doing it enough and properly? Experts recommend doing it for 20 seconds and at least once you enter the house and once you leave. Otherwise you won’t be killing the germs at all.

2. Disinfect objects that are specially virus-ridden 

When we say disinfect your home from virus we’re not talking only about bathrooms and air in general. That also means objects we touch a lot and we tend to forget to clean, like TV remotes, computer keyboards, door knobs or light switches, just to mention some examples. 

3. Clean the surfaces and air with the right product

Make sure that the products you’re using for the different surfaces (sinks, wooden floor, kitchen counter…) contain antibacterial components (and it’s better if they're free of nasty chemicals).

4. Use natural essential oils to cleanse the air

For the air, there are plenty of natural essential oils that will give the air at home clean sensation and will remove pollution, germs and viruses.  The natural antiviral properties of essential oils are found in ravintsara, which also stimulates the immune system. You may also want to pay attention to eucalyptus (due to its anti inflammatory properties) and peppermint oil, which has been used for ages for common cold and flu. These oils are so powerful that in previous historical massive epidemics, like the Spanish flu, perfumers who worked with them didn’t even got infected by it.

A natural antiviral room spray can be the key to wipe out the germs you breathe. Our natural essential oils in our Pur Air room spray not only will eliminate germs but will also reinforce your immunity thanks to the properties of eucalyptus, ravintsara and cinnamon, a natural antibiotic. The high concentration of essential oils, compared to other similar sprays in the market, makes it a very powerful solution to protect from viruses.


Ah! If you're travelling in a crowded area such as the tube or in an airport, an air refreshing spray is a good way to keep germs away!

But stop for a second, what exactly is a virus?

They are a microscopic organism that can come from many sources such as plants, outdoor environment, ventilation systems… and they exist in almost every environment on earth. And they need another host organism to live. Sometimes they can be a trigger for life and sometimes they don’t cause any symptoms at all.

And finally, they usually spread through skin or sexual contact, sneezes or cough, contaminated food or water or even insects that carry them around and pass it through one person to another. 

So grab the mop and prepare your house for an anti virus shield!


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