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Can lack of sleep make you ill? Experts talk

Can lack of sleep make you ill? Experts talk

Modern day living often consist of a barrage of activities (lack of sleep because of a baby, exams, work deadlines, etc.) You wake up and try to pack as much on your to-do list as you can and often at the expense of a good night's sleep. Then the most asked question in these cases comes: How can I sleep better?!

It has been widely documented that lack of sleep can make you physically ill, causing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. But, what lack of sleep does to your brain? Those who are not getting enough shut-eye will also experience diminished mental acuity, mental disorders and sloppy judgments. Also lack of sleep affects your mood. 

If you want to give your body and brain the best care it deserves, get enough sleep every night. 

Here are some tips to help you sleep better:

Bed as the key for a good sleep

The Sleep Council in UK recognizes a good bed's role in providing adequate and quality sleep. Their study shows that replacing an old uncomfortable bed with the right mattress could increase your sleeping time to up to 42 minutes.

Sleepy environment

How well you sleep is largely dependent on where you sleep. To make sure you have quality sleep, your bedroom has to have an ambient temperature of around 16-18 degrees. In addition, having blackout curtains or blinds as well as bedroom walls with muted paint colors help facilitate undisturbed slumber.

Relaxation to reduce stress

In a stress-laden world, worrying thoughts and anxieties are the common culprits behind sleep disruptions. Try mind-relaxing exercises (LINK TO THE YOGA POST)  like mindfulness, as it has been found in a study to help insomniacs sleep better. Using natural remedies such as melissa, lavender or chamomile herb can help relax your heart and nervous system, reduce stress and help you with a deeper sleep leading to mental and physical rest.

Our Good Night Balm contains all these herbs and other essential oils that is a must in your sleeping routine in specific stressful moments, such as exam periods or a very hectic week at work. 

Lifestyle for a better sleep

If you really want to catch up on your much-needed sleep, you need to make some lifestyle changes. Regular exercise can improve the quality of your sleep. Also, you need to do away with all those gadgets during rest time. The problem is that the light from our devices tricks your body into thinking it is daytime, resulting in difficulty falling asleep. Sounds bad, hum? Well give it a try for a week and see the results.


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