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How mental health affects you

How mental health affects you

Mental health awareness is rising and rising, because health is not only physical, but also mental. 

Our mental health ultimately affects our emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing. Any adverse effects of mental illness can harm our lives in many long-term conditions. It is crucial to identify any mental illness such as anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorders, to prevent and keep a healthy balance for a happy life. 

But let’s rewind: how can you detect a mental health problem? 

A mental illness depending on the source of the disorder can be detected with a simple observation of someone or self. The symptoms of depression, for example, are usually:

-    Feeling scared, angry, worried, upset, or confused

-    Having severe mood swings

-    Pulling away from usual activities

-    Feeling numb or like nothing matters

-    Decrease on socialisation

-    Eating or sleeping too much or too little

-    Having low energy than usual

-    Having trouble getting along with family and friends

Even though these symptoms can regulate depending on the persons, they usually appear in familiarity. If you're looking on how to help a friend with depression or any related mental health problem, check on the mentioned symptoms.


Here’s some ways to help reduce stress and anxiety in a natural way:

Sleeping better

A well-rested mind and body are one of the most important factors on one’s health. With a quality sleep, we are more able to cope with the daily challenges of life. If you’ve ever suffered even from light stress, you know that one of the problems it causes is insomnia.

Using natural remedies such as melissa, lavender or chamomile herb can help relax your heart and nervous system, reduce stress and help you with a deeper sleep leading to mental and physical rest.

Our Good Night Balm (LINK) contains all these herbs and other essential oils that is a must in your sleeping routine in specific stressful moments, such as exam periods or a very hectic week at work. 


Work in calming your mind

A quiet mind is a healthy mind. While being exposed to so many thoughts, acts, and situations during the day, our minds can sometimes overwork. This usually leads to higher stress and unhealthy conditions. You’ve probably heard about the miracle of mindfulness. This technique has proven for generations to be the most helpful stress solution.

Are you ready? Grab a yoga mat, don’t have one? A towel and blanket, no excuses, anything works! Find a comfortable quiet place to sit, and now focus on your breathing, in 1..2..3...4. hold for 4 seconds, out 1...2...3...4. Repeat for a few minutes.

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Simply close your eyes and start breathing deeply and slowly, feeling the air filling your lungs, and giving lots of attention to it as you inhale and exhale. When your thoughts start distracting you, just take your attention back to your breath. This way, you will be able to release all your daily distractions in a very peaceful way.

And remember… stress less, accomplish more!

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