A brand born from a mother’s love.

It all started when the brand’s founder, Parisian Sofia moved to the bustling city of London with her husband and daughter. Soon enough she came to realize how pollution, daily stress and the passing of time affected her and her daughter’s wellbeing.

Sofia wanted a better world for her daughter to grow up in. A world of wellbeing, nature and authenticity.

All at once, she remembered how she too was a toddler growing up in Morocco, her country of origin. She re-envisioned her uncle, a famous local apothecary and aromatherapist distilling and brewing age-old remedies using the miraculous substances plants and flowers would yield. She also remembered how good it felt in her uncle’s workshop, surrounded by aromas and exotic essential oils.

Inspired by her reminiscence yet wanting something contemporary, more adapted to our everyday lives, Sofia reached out to a French aromatherapy laboratory famed for its rare and precious essential oils and unique savoir-faire. Together they traveled by and large and worked day and night to create something unheard of, something that combined ancient exotic ingredients, state-of-the-art science and a hint of Parisian “je ne sais quoi”. A 21st century version of her uncle’s remedies.

Sofia succeeded. 1001 Remedies was born, and the brand’s first remedies were created. Then came the moment of truth. True to her ideals, Sofia offered the remedies to her loved ones: first her dearest daughter, and then to families and friends. They felt better. They felt loved.

Today, Sofia wishes to share this wellbeing with all those who love to travel with their mind and body and with all those who love to care about themselves and significant others.

1001 Remedies – Feel Good

Plant Based Beauty and Wellbeing 

Sofia began on a journey to find the best ingredients across the globe cultivated sustainably and organically. She then partnered with laboratories in France, where 90% of luxury cosmetics are made, to ensure potency and quality as she embarked on the journey to adapt her uncles recipes with modern scientific discoveries. This gave rise to 1001 Remedies.

1001 Remedies - sustainably, blending generations of aromatherapy knowledge with innovative scientific information to create products designed to be used as wellbeing rituals that you incorporate into your daily routine to tackle the modern stressors of today such as pollution, stress, insomnia and acne.

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Modern Wellness - Aromatherapy 2.0  

Despite being passed down for generations, Sofia didn’t realised that her uncles recipes could be adapted to fit the stressors and wellbeing issues of today. This was the ‘aha’ moment. Sofia knew that for her uncles recipes to truly act as wellness rituals for the lifestyles of people of today, they need to tackle a range of issues. The recipes need to work on a mental, spiritual, emotional and physical level to help our body and mind rebalance themselves.